Tuesday, July 12: Kpandai

Yesterday we woke up to pouring rain and the power was off again. The health clinic is usually crammed with almost 100 people waiting by 7am, but whenever it rains, the dirt roads becomes muddy and it is difficult for the villagers to travel to see Dr. Timothy. The day after a significant rainfall is also less busy because many of the villagers will head to the farms to take advantage of the rain-soaked fields to go farming. So therefore, these two days, we got off to a little bit of a slow start at the clinic.

So far we have seen a variety of degenerative disorders, mostly farmers who have worn out their knees and backs from the grueling farming work. We have also seen three stroke cases, but unfortunately, two of them are already seven years post-CVA, and one of them is one year post-CVA. It is difficult to accomplish much with these patients, especially in the short time we have here. In total, we have seen approximately 20 patients, but it has been nothing close to the numbers we saw the last time we were here.  It has been a little discouraging, but hopefully tomorrow will be a busier day since it didn’t rain today.


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