Thursday, July 21: Accra

Yesterday we left Kpandai and made the 11 hour journey back to Accra.  The coach bus we were on for most of the trip was overcrowded, and I found myself sitting on the floor of the coach for part of the trip. Despite this, I didn’t sleep one wink throughout the entire journey because the mountains of the Volta region of Ghana are large and the scenery is beautiful.

Tonight we will send my wife Anna off to the airport as she heads back to Canada and tomorrow we will spend the entire day travelling to the border and crossing into Togo.  I have been invited to consult in the physiotherapy department of a hospital in the city of Tsiko.

Since we are back in Accra and I once again have internet access, I just wanted to say that I’m THRILLED that people are following my journey in Ghana closely and have posted their thoughts and encouragements. I read them for the first time last night and it’s really touched my heart to know that you all are interested in the things that I am pursuing with my life.  I can’t wait to share more things with you all when I return to St. John’s Rehab.  I just wanted to take this chance while I’m still online to upload some photos of the things I’ve been describing over the last month on the blog, I hope you enjoy the pics!

Ps. Hope you all are handling the heat ok back in Toronto!  It’s been in the low 20’s here in Ghana for a while now.  Who knew it would be cooler here than back home? Hang in there!

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