About the missions

St. John’s Rehab Hospital, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, rebuilds people’s lives following life-changing injuries and illnesses.

Rebuilding Lives Around the World follows the journeys of St. John’s Rehab staff as they embark on missions to care for people around the world.

Mission to Ghana: Physiotherapist Gary Siu travels to hospitals in Northern Ghana to help people who live with the effects of disease and disability. His purpose is not only to provide physiotherapy, but also to provide education to local healthcare professionals and better understand their health care provisions. Gary is working with a team from Chinese International Missions (Canada) – a Christian missions organization that works in partnership with the Evangelical Church of Ghana.

Mission to Haiti: Our team of experts in amputee rehabilitation travel to Les Cayes, Haiti.  The team is working with Dr. Mike Landry of the University of Toronto’s Department of Physical Therapy and Healing Hands for Haiti to help people who have lost limbs as a result of the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010.

About St. John’s Rehab Hospital
St. John’s Rehab is the only hospital in Ontario solely dedicated to specialized rehabilitation. We develop individually customized rehabilitation for people with the most complex needs, including:

For more information, visit www.stjohnsrehab.com.


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